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Introducing Me!

February 19, 2010

Welcome  to my Blog!

I wear many different hats and I have many names — my birth name, my given name, and  a married name or two. I have nicknames, pet names, business names, and pen names.  A lucky few call me “Mom” and “Nana.” So many personalities, moods, responsibilities, and interests — all wrapped up in little ol’ me.

Names are a description of a person but don’t necessarily describe who the person really is as a complete package. That’s why I started this blog — to share  the true essence of me.

So, just call me Charley.

I invite you into my space to share a few different facets of me – from the intimate to the naked truths of my reality.

Share a moment and get to know me.

Revel in my stories. Explore my poetry. Peak into my dream world.

From the tears of my most bitter disappointments to the belly laughs of life’s delights, I celebrate my life for what it is … and for the potential my soulful life has yet to realize.

And so, I give you a glimpse of my world – mind…soul… spirit… and little bit of, well — me!



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