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Cry in the Darkness

November 5, 2010

Cry, cry in the darkness

So no one will hear;

Hide my wounds of flesh,

Hide my wounds in fear.


Run from the one who harms,

Yet search for solice

In brutal husband’s empty heart

And abusive husband’s arms.


The circle of wrath and woe,

The spiral of lust and foe;

Tears of forgiveness, tears of fright;

Pounding heart and steps of flight.


No one sees, and no one hears

Of countless bouts throughout the years.

Go! Run! Go hide;

And by secrets of sweet escape abide.


No leaf unturned, no door unstalked.

Time and again, he drags me back,

Vowing to main and kill;

My death will come expectedly at his sickly will.


Overpowering at subtle charm,

Whispering deadly threats of harm;

Cruelty at its best –

Suffering, pain, no rest.


At last, I feel dead.

I am but a shell.

No longer willing to succumb,

No longer dreading blood spill.


For life has left me long ago,

Long ago I died.

No longer shall I live in fear;

No longer shall I hide.


I stand alone, still,

Bracing for the impact of brutal blows—

The sting and numbing pain

That I have come to know.


Unrelentless in his strikes,

He pummels my head, my cheeks, my eyes;

He blackens my soft, white flesh –

Out in the open! No more lies.


I can fight no more.

“Kill me now,” I silently scream.

“I am dead anyway,”

I can fight no more.


He, in handcuffs bound,

And now behind bars.

Alas! My chains are broken,

But I still bear the scars.


Still life goes on, and still I fear.

He will kill me, in just another year.

Still he stalks me, he knows my every move.

When my death will come, I have not a clue.

— Charley

May 1996

Author’s Note:

For those who have or are experiencing domestic violence in their lives (and that includes intimate partners), I urge you to contact a domestic violence hotline immediately so that you can learn how to get out of a bad situation — before it’s too late. As of Easter Sunday, 1996, I was reported as the worse domestic violence beating case in my jurisdiction. Believe me, that is no badge of honor. Or, if you need help, write me at Your correspondence will be treated strictly as confidential and will not be posted on this blog.


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