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ABA: Lawyer Steps In to Help Woman Attacked During Divorce Hearing in Judge’s Chambers – News – ABA Journal

April 28, 2011

Author’s Note:

Yep — if the ABA Law article made this blog, it must mean that it has some personal meaning for me. Can you guess what that might be? I was a lot more beat up than this woman, but of course I endured a 45-minute beating and this woman was lucky enough to have a lawyer (of all people) to jump to her rescue in a matter of minutes. As for the child support and custody issues, well, that is one of the main reasons why this site was established — to tell my own story about the personal hell that my children and I have endured because of the deadbeat dad in our lives. I only wish the judge saw my beating… If you are reading this, your comments are most welcome.



Lawyer Steps In to Help Woman Attacked During Divorce Hearing in Judge’s Chambers

Posted Apr 19, 2011 12:32 PM CDT

By Martha Neil

Catherine Scott-Gonzalez, 23, says she tried to get a restraining order against her husband, Paul, but couldn’t persuade a court to issue one.

However, police say he attacked her in a Florida judge’s chambers Friday, leaving her with two black eyes, broken facial bones and split lips, and he is now jailed in lieu of $1 million bond on a felony battery charge, reports WSVN.

“Rarely in my career have I set a bond in this amount or even approaching it, but the allegations are indeed extremely serious and shocking,” said a bond court judge after the incident in Broward County Circuit Judge Ronald Rothschild’s chambers in Fort Lauderdale.

Bailiffs reportedly used a stun gun on 28-year-old Paul Henry Gonzalez Jr. A lawyer for his wife said Gonzalez became enraged and attacked her after a judge ordered him to pay child support and set visitation terms.

After storming out, Gonzalez came back in shouting, retreated, and then re-entered Rothschild’s chambers a second time and went straight for Scott-Gonzalez, rushing up to her from behind and punching her with closed fists, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, based on information from attorney Michael Dunleavy and a police report.

Dunleavy intervened and held Gonzalez in a bear hug until authorities arrived, the newspaper says.

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via Lawyer Steps In to Help Woman Attacked During Divorce Hearing in Judge’s Chambers – News – ABA Journal.


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