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Notice to Prosecute an Attorney USAM 9-2.032

May 6, 2011

The Policy and Statutory Enforcement Unit, Office of Enforcement Operations, Criminal Division’s Notice to Prosecute an Attorney.

For the form, please go to:

Here’s the information you’ll need:

  1. Name of Attorney(s):
  2. Policy and Statutory Enforcement Unit
  3. Office of Enforcement Operations
  4. Criminal Division
  5. E-Mail:
  6. Phone: (202) 305-4023
  7. Fax: (803) 726-2181
  8. E-mail:
  9. AUSA/Contact Name:
  10. If Required in Less than 10 Business Days, Please Explain Why:
  11. *If Required in Less than 48 hours, Please Call PSEU Date Response Requested/Required:
  12. Date of Submission:
  13. Statute(s) Violated:
  14. Fax:
  15. Phone:
  16. District:
  17. Date of Intended Prosecution:
  18. Brief Summary of the Case, Including Relationship to the Attorney’s Representation of Client(s) and the Government’s Reliance
  19. Upon Cooperation of Client(s): Description of Any History of Dealings Between the AUSAs or Department Attorneys Participating in the Investigation or Intended Prosecution and the Attorney Target, Including Whether Any Participating AUSA or Department Attorney Has Previously Been Involved in a Matter in Which the Target Attorney Represented a Current or Former Target or Subject of Investigation or Litigation:
  20. Prior Related Request(s) Submitted to PSEU (if any):
  21. *Please attach any supplemental documentation to the e-mail request. If more space is required than is provided on this form, please include it as an attached document or in the body of the e-mail request.
  22. Name of Authorizing U.S. Attorney
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