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Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide Learning Theater

May 10, 2011

Author’s Note:

Here’s something for you to read on “the lighter side” of firearms law, brought to you straight from the ATF Online Training Reference Guide for FFL’s. To watch an episode, please click on the title instead of the photo. You can find more information at: Enjoy!

*  *  *

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has created an On Line Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide Learning Theater. This web site is not intended to replace the Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide, but is designed for use as an interactive tool for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) and others. This online training reference guide will provide FFLs with assistance in complying with the Federal laws and regulations governing the manufacture, importation, and distribution of firearms. It will also serve as an informational guide for anyone who has an interest in the laws and regulations relating to firearms.

ATF’s Learning Theater will attempt to illustrate how these laws apply in a real-life scenario. Carla is a new employee at Western Arms Guns and Ammunition. Join her as she encounters a variety of situations familiar to many firearm retailers, all under the watchful eye of her supervisor, Mr. Lucas.

Episode 1: Typical Long Gun Transaction

It’s Carla’s first day on the job at Western Arms Guns and Ammunition. With some help from Mr. Lucas, she learns the basic steps for a simple long gun transaction, including Form 4473 and the NICS background check. Read the transcript »

Episode 2: Typical Handgun Sale

Carla helps Lisa, a first-time firearm buyer, in selecting a handgun. She learns the differences between a handgun purchase and a long gun purchase, including some tips on what will pass for valid ID for any purchase. Read the transcript »

Episode 3: Multiple Firearm Transaction

Carla learns the procedures when a customer purchases both a long gun and a handgun at the same time. With some help from Mr. Lucas, she discovers such a sale depends not only on the number of firearms purchased, but also what type.Read the transcript »

Episode 4: Straw Purchase Attempt

Underage youth Bobby brings neighbor Mr. Thomas into Western Arms to purchase a handgun. Will Carla know the proper action to take in this case? Read the transcript »

Episode 5: Out of State Transaction

When a collector of vintage pistols sees something he’d like to add to his collection, Carla must learn the rules and regulations for an out-of-state purchaser. Read the transcript »

Episode 6: Loan or Rental of Firearm

Western Arms often rents firearms to their customers for a variety of reasons. When a customer rents a gun to use on their on-site shooting range, Carla learns the correct procedures to make sure the store is complying with the law. Read the transcript »

Episode 7: Working with Law Enforcement

When Agent Gonzalez of the ATF shows up at Western Arms, Carla learns the importance of keeping accurate records in helping with a criminal investigation.Read the transcript »

Episode 8: Gun Show Transaction

Carla and Mr. Lucas have packed up their gear and rented a booth at a local gun show. Find out how laws are different when a dealer is away from their premises.Read the transcript »


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