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June 15, 2011

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Chuck Jenkins sworn in as Frederick County sheriff

Originally published December 02, 2010

By Pam Rigaux

News-Post Staff

Courtesy Photo

Frederick County Circuit Court Clerk Sandra Dalton administers the oath of office to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins on Wednesday in the auditorium of Oakdale High School. Jenkins’ wife, Shari, held the Bible and hIs children, C.J. and Meghan, not visible, were onstage as he was sworn in.

The first Frederick County sheriff was sworn in to office in 1748. On Wednesday, Chuck Jenkins took his oath as the 86th man to serve as sheriff.

The sheriff’s wife, Shari, held the Bible as Frederick County Circuit Court Clerk Sandra Dalton administered the oath of office.

His children, C.J. and Meghan, and other relatives were on the stage with them at Oakdale High School.

The half-hour ceremony that morning was “really beautiful,” Cpl. Jennifer Bailey said. “We had the honor guard there. That’s very unique to see them come out across the stage and present the flag.”

Melinda Grenier, a civilian who works for the sheriff’s office, sang the national anthem, Bailey said.

After expressing thanks, Jenkins gave a brief speech in which he talked about accomplishments over the past four years and what the agency can build on.

Accomplishments, he said, included the agency’s implementation of an immigration law enforcement program known as 287(g) and fiscal planning that demonstrates how a division of government can do more with less.

“One of my goals was participation in the 287(g) program. The program puts us in the forefront,” Jenkins said in an interview afterward. “About two years into the administration staff wrapped up a homeland security plan, which was another goal of the agency.”

Dalton also administered the oath of office to about 170 sheriff’s deputies, Bailey said.

“We do that every four years,” she said.

The ceremony was attended, she said, by every police chief and many leaders in Frederick County, including Fort Detrick; members of Congress, mayors and representatives from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

via The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.


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