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READ THIS 930 WFMD Article! Grand Jury Indicts Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy — BUT That’s Not The Story Here!

June 16, 2011

Author’s Note:

I want to point your attention not to the deputy in this story, but to the last paragraph of this archived article. Mr. McManus informs us that

“Also indicted on Friday [was] Roderick Bertram Williams of Middletown [Maryland] for possession of a firearm following a felony conviction.”

At this point, this case is not online. Perhaps Mr. McManus will help me out and follow this story line. Is Charlie Smith prosecuting or did they have to get a Montgomery County prosecutor for this one, too?

Herein lies my problem with Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his “Firearms Specialist” Detective Tracy McCutcheon, both of whom refuse to even file a report against my ex-husband  — a domestic violence felon — or seek an indictment on at least nine counts of illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

All the while, they arrest this man, Mr. Williams, on one count of weapons charges not more than 20 miles from my ex’s home. Middletown and Jefferson Maryland are in the same county and in close proximity, handled by the same Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who is supposed to enforce the SAME FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS. Both carry MANDATORY sentences of not less than five years per count with no probation or parole and no reduced sentence. Legislation just increased the maximum from 10 years to 20 years in April 2011 because the problem is so pervasive.

This is a “one size fits all” law, with no exceptions to police officers or military personnel, and no downward adjustment for “mourning fathers” or anybody else for that fact (see U.S. v Ronald Dean Walker). In other words, the law doesn’t care how sorry you feel for yourself when it comes to this particular law. The old adage, “You do the crime, you do the time” fits here. No downward adjustments for self-inflicted misery. My ex pulled the “sympathy card” on Trooper Riley because my son blew out his brains at his father’s house and so no arrest was made upon finding the weapons.

Further possible charges are reckless endangerment and involuntary manslaughter since my son committed suicide at his father’s house, where his guns remained for eight months after placing my initial complaint to the Sheriff’s office directly.

The fact that the Sheriff is mandated to report to the Child Protective Services — but didn’t — the fact that a minor child (a five year old in this case) remained in the house with a felon in illegal possession of guns and ammunition carries a real message to the public. (Read the story about a four year old who accidentally shot herself in the head with a .45, which happened during my own ordeal.) Sheriff Chuck prefers to protect a felon over the public, especially since I reported that believe that another gun and illegal homemade silencer remain in the felon’s possession. I repeatedly reported this fact to Chuck but he continues to refuses to follow through with a search warrant and subsequent arrest.

After all, Detective McCutcheon closed the investigation without so much as a case number or subsequent report.  There is no record now that any of this happened. There is no record of the location of the confiscated weapons and ammunition. IN FACT, neither the State Troopers nor the Sheriff’s Office have any record of the guns at all, with the exception of my son’s suicide weapon which remains in the Sheriff’s custody (but not without a fight from me because he was going to release it to the felon!). “No report, no crime,” says the Governor.

This entire case has been swept under the rug, and now it appears that Sheriff Jenkins may be using Maryland State Trooper Rob Riley (his “ATF Liason”) as a patsy since his supervisor in Criminal Investigations and the ATF have no records of the weapons that were confiscated by Mr. Riley, who refuses to return my calls or email messages. At this point, I don’t know if Riley is in on this conspiracy but I promise to get to the bottom of this ordeal.

My son is dead. His father may believe that he got away with manslaughter and weapons charges with the help of Frederick County Maryland’s law enforcement chief and detectives and State Police. And State’s Attorney Charlie Smith has turned a completely blind eye in the matter. You will note from previous articles that he was my first point of contact, and he told me

“If you believe a crime has been committed, contact your local law enforcement.”

I did. And I kept Charlie in the loop the entire time. Despite the pain in the ass that I was forced to become, he continues to remain silent on the matter. Unless a sealed indictment is under way, I believe that he intends to help the sheriff to sweep this matter under the rug.

By the way, Charlie’s predecessor (Scott Riley) prosecuted my ex-husband on the felony domestic violence. He told me that if I ever had problems to contact the State’s Attorney’s Office. Right. Now Scott has his own show, “Decoding the Past” which centers on historical conspiracy theories. I wonder how he would feel to investigate and run a story on this one? Well, let’s ask him!

Do you smell a conspiracy?

I want you to follow this blog and spread it around like wildfire. Look for future headlines: “Frederick County Maryland Sheriff, Detective and Trooper Indicted on Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting a Domestic Violence Felon, Obstruction of Justice, and Other Weapons Crimes (to include destruction of evidence in a criminal investigation).” Today, my quest to find the weapons removed from the felon’s home continues with the FBI and ATF. I will keep my readers informed of my progress.

One must ask the question, but which question? “Why?”

Soon, my story will hit the national news circuit. My son is dead, his guns are a part of his estate and they appear to have been stolen by the cops whereafter they vanished into thin air. The guns are evidence in a crime that carries a mandatory sentencing of (5) years — up to 20 years — on each count for a felon. Aiding and abetting a criminal carries a mandatory minimum (3) year sentence. You can do the math.

Check out the Sheriff’s Crime Map. You will notice that Gun Crimes are not on his list of crimes that are displayed on his map…  Another waste of taxpayer dollars at work — read his disclaimer that the information is not accurate — nor worthy for use for court exhibits or other legal purposes. The more I dig up on this man, the more I agree with Frederick County citizens unsavory remarks about this Sheriff who needs to be removed from office and exiled with my husband.

If there are any folks out there who read my blog, I hope that you will post your comments below. I will not remain silent on these matters.

I will release the name of this felon when an arrest is made. Stay tuned and wish me luck in my fight for justice.

Grand Jury Indicts Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy
The case will be handled by a Montgomery County prosecutor.

Grand jurors in Frederick County returned an indictment Friday against a Sheriff’s Deputy. Sam Bowman, 46, is charged with sexual abuse of a minor, 4th-degree sex offense and other offenses.

Bowman was arrested in March, 2011 for having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl between March 9th through the 15th, 2011. He was a school resource officer at Walkersville High. Bowman has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of this case.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says a special prosecutor from the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office presented the case on Friday. “All matters will be handled by them. We will not handle any matters in regards to that case except for a few minor administrative matters,” says Smith.

“Mr. Bowman was a police officer here in Frederick County. Obviously, we’ve had many contacts  with Mr. Bowman in th past as a police officer, and that created a conflict of interest with my office,” Smith says.

If the case comes to trial, Smith says it will be held in Frederick, but it will be handled by a prosecutor from Montgomery County.

Bowman retired from the Frederick Police Department in 2009 with the rank of Corporal. He began his career with the Sheriff’s Office on August 12th, 2010.

Also indicted on Friday: Roderick Bertram Williams of Middletown for possession of a firearm following a felony conviction; Marian Landsdown of Frederick for a 2nd-degree assault and robbery which occurred on April 8th, 2011; Miles Dominic Clifford of Frostburg, Md. for possession with intent to distribute cocaine; and John Augustine Milgrew of New Market for an armed robbery on May 10th, 2011.

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