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Governor Martin O’Mailey’s Fact Sheet on the Gun Tracing Task Force (GTTF)

June 17, 2011

Author’s Note: One must wonder why Frederick County, Maryland is not a part of this most important initiative? Sheriff Jenkins obviously believes that it is more important to waste his time on immigration issues instead of arresting permanent residents for possession of illegal guns and ammunition. Instead, he obstructs justice by allowing criminals to go free by “losing evidence” (the guns) and refusing to even file a report. 

GTTF Statistics

YTD 2009: 337 firearms seized; 69 warrants served; 103 arrests

Since 2007: 857 firearms seized; 179 warrants served; 103 arrests

FITF Statistics

YTD 2009: 166 firearms seized; 33 warrants served; 57 arrests

Since 2007: 440 firearms seized; 133 warrants served; 218 arrests

The Gun Tracing Task Force (GTTF) was started in May 2007 to track and curb illegal gun sales & gang activity. With the support of Governor O’Malley, the GTTF was originally staffed by 6 Baltimore City Police Officers and 5 Maryland State Troopers, with cooperation from federal agencies.

The FITF has worked in similar fashion since September 2007  throughout Prince George’s County, Calvert County, and the DC metro area. This group of city, state, and federal law enforcement experts fight crime in several ways:

  1. execute search warrants and seize guns
  2. target gun dealers involved in criminal activity
  3. trace guns used in violent crimes
  4. stem the flow of illegal weapons
  5. combat gun violence in two of Maryland’s major metropolitan areas


  • The GTTF cooperates with the Gun Offender Registry (requiring individuals convicted of gun offenses in Baltimore City to register their current address and report to BPD every 6 months for a period of 3 years following their conviction or sentence) and GunStat (specifically those partners listed as “stakeholders”)
  • Debriefing forms were created for use during all arrests
  • Assisted public safety partners in reducing the number of homicides in Maryland by removing illegal handguns from the streets


  1. Maryland State Police
  2. Mayor’s Office of Baltimore City
  3. Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention
  4. Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
  5. Office of Attorney General
  6. Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
  7. Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office
  8. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  9. Baltimore Police Department
  10. Baltimore County Police Department
  11.  Prince George’s County Police Department
  12. Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office

To learn more, please contact Christina Lentz (GOCCP) at (410)821-2843 or or Edward Parker (GOCCP) at (410) 821-2854 or

Tracking and curbing illegal gun sales & gang activity,

Martin O’Malley. Governor and Anthony Brown, Lieutenant Governor

Updated January 2010

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