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Protective Order / Firearm Possession Notice

July 23, 2011

Author’s Note:

Sheriff Jenkins: Have you read your own Firearm Possession Notice? Do you understand the laws you were elected to uphold? Do you? Really?



Protective Order / Firearm Possession Notice

TO: Protective Order Respondent

RE: Illegal Firearms Possession


NOTICE – A temporary or final protective order has been entered against you by the court ordering you as the respondent to surrender to law enforcement authorities any firearm(s) in your possession and to refrain from possession of any firearm(s) for the duration of the protective order.  The court defines possession as not only readily accessible within your reach or at the home, but any location outside the home over which the Respondent has control.  You cannot transfer ownership of any firearm(s) to another person.


Procedures for Surrendering the Firearm(s)

If a law enforcement officer is serving you personally with the protective order, you must IMMEDIATELY surrender all firearms to the officer.  If you have received this order by mail, you should contact the law enforcement agency designated in the order and arrange for the immediate surrender of all firearms in your possession.  You should comply with the law enforcement agency’s delivery instructions.  To surrender firearms to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office:

1. Contact the Sheriff’s Office by phone at 301-600-1046 to let them know you are enroute to the Sheriff’s Office to surrender your firearm(s).

2. Upon arrival to the Sheriff’s Office, leave firearms unloaded and secured in your vehicle.  NEVER bring firearms into the building.

3. Contact the front desk to have a deputy escort you to your vehicle to retrieve the firearm(s).

4. If you do not own or possess a firearm, please contact the Sheriff’s Office so this information can be indicated in your file.


Procedures for Retaking Possession of the Firearm(s)

At the expiration of the protective order, you may apply to retake possession of each firearm(s) by making a request to the law enforcement agency to which the firearm(s) were surrendered.  The law enforcement agency will conduct a background investigation to determine whether you are legally entitled to own or possess the firearm(s).  This process can take up to 30 days.   To request firearms from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office:

Contact Brenda Smith at 301-600-4078 to schedule an appointment.


Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, 110 Airport Drive East, Frederick, MD  21701, 301-600-1046

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