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About Me

Me: Myself and I

Have you ever given yourself an honest assessment of your many innate personalities that make you the unique person you are today?

Rarely can we take an honest look at all the components of our personalities. How often we deny ourselves the opportunity to grow by examining our strong points as well as our admittedly weaker ones, which we hide in shame or deny altogether. Many folks cannot admit that they have any flaws at all, or else they over-glorify their better traits so as to make their shortcomings seemingly disappear.

Just for fun, lets take a look at Me — since this page is “About Me.”

In attempting to single out just two (amongst many) of my own personalities, let’s compare two different people who reside inside me, the personalities that make Me who I am. Of course, more personalities could be singled out without even digging too deeply, but the greatest study in contrasts will be in the examination of two entirely different poles within Me: Myself and I.

Myself is always calm, patient and at peace within herself. She does not allow external events to move her inner sense of serenity, nor does she place expectations on situations that just are. She bends like the reed blowing in the wind. She knows that only people who are unwilling to bend are brittle and break from the stress of the elements.

Myself is willing to take a different path when the first she has chosen has become impassable. She knows that life is sometimes like a blocked path, but that The Way always continues just on the other side of the barricade. Myself listens to the wind, for the wind blows in the direction which she is to follow, and the wind tells her how to transcend the barriers that are placed before her progress.

Myself is all-wise and practical. She applies teachings from the ancient the Tao and Buddhist Way to her modern Christian upbringing. The inner peace that she feels is carried over to the manner in which she helps resolve disputes amongst her children, her effortless ability to handle stressful situations at work, or her sense of tranquility that she experiences even during the stop and go of a traffic jam. Each situation allows Myself to learn more aspects about her own personality, her life, and her life purpose.

Who else can be found in the garden but Myself? Here, she daydreams for hours as she toils in the dirt, enjoying the sunshine on her face, the wind in her hair. She wears no makeup, no shoes, no restrictive clothing.  Myself is one with nature and one with herself. That is, until her counterpart, I, steps in to take over.

I cannot tolerate disorganization. She is high-strung, impatient, and she struggles to overcome her yearning for serenity. Her conflict of peace versus success will not allow her to quiet her mind, and often she tosses and turns as sleep escapes her while she makes countless mental lists of things to do. Success is so important to her that I cannot relax enough to enjoy the small successes along the way to her ultimate goal. She cannot relax for the sake of relaxing, and she cannot “just be.” The state of being idle is repulsive and moves I to complete tasks — just because that’s what she’s “supposed” to do. I is devastated if her path becomes blocked, and rather than to find a way around the barrier, she struggles to single-handedly move the blockade.

I shares the characteristic of being all-wise and perpetually practical with Myself. However, her practicality does not leave her feeling refreshed, and inner peace is a foreign country to which she has never traveled. She has a drive inside her that tells her to accomplish too many tasks in an impossible amount of time. She is impatient to reach her goals and becomes frustrated when situations are imposed upon her that challenge her original plans. However, I’s stubborn nature does not allow her progress to become impeded for long, and like Myself, she will find a way to reach her goals. Her hell-bent ways offer quite a significant contrast to Myself’s peaceful ways, but nevertheless, they both share a relentless nature in finding success in their own Way.

How many personalities are you hiding? What situations turn on a certain individual inside you? What are your own triggers?

Perhaps a certain smell makes you think about your childhood, or an old song helps you relive who you were on the day of your wedding. Sometimes an incident as casual as dropping a spoon might trigger a memory of the person you were when you traveled the English countryside.

Challenge yourself!

Sit down one day and take a look at your own innate personalities and give them a name.  Have fun examining your flaws and over-glorifying your better traits. Share your story on The Just Call Me Charley Blog, or share a link with my readers to your own blog site. Stories enrich our lives — they inspire, inform, and and share the storyteller’s experiences from a unique point of view.

I’m sure to tell many stories of the different people living inside this body, mind and spirit. As for Myself and I, they each delight in who they are, and better yet, who they will always be: ME!

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