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Deadbeat Dads

If you’re not one, you’ve heard of one or you know one — that’s right, a Deadbeat Dad!

They all have their excuses and some of them are valid. Some of these guys belong in the slammer.

This page is devoted to telling the world how the Deadbeat Dad in my life has managed to accrue over $121,000 in unpaid child support, alimony, and medical expenses and so far avoid a jail sentence — all while becoming rich!

We’re back in court (the case was closed in  2003), and I’ve attached a bank account. But not without dire repercussions…

Stay tuned to read my stories about the court proceedings, the witness intimidation, and not one but two lawsuits brought against me with Unclean Hands.

[Note that all the information I publish has been submitted into the Court records. As a matter of public record, this information is available for the whole world to see…I’m just helping things along. Whether or not this blog and my public website gets me dead in the process is a conclusion to this story we’ll just have to wait for…]

Deadbeat Dads need not respond.

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