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Domestic Violence

Okay, so if you’ve reviewed my topics list at the sidebar, then you know that I’ll be addressing sex, happiness, marriage, childbirth, health, divorce court, parental kidnapping, and deadbeat dads. And, there’s lots more.

Do I need I tell you that in “the world of Charley” the topic of Domestic Violence is nestled between the lines on each and every one of my topics? Domestic violence permeates virtually each and every segment of a person’s life. It is nearly impossible to escape — quite literally, but I did manage (so far) to escape with [barely] my life on Easter Sunday of 1996.

I have lots to say about domestic violence, but I just can’t manage to set up this site and write about it in depth at the same time. Besides, today is my birthday and I want to stay positive!

Check back soon, and if you are a victim of domestic violence — or you know someone who is — please be sure to add your email to my list so you can receive my updates.

It’s not all about me! I hope my stories will help you or someone you love. Stay tuned!


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