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I know, I know… another dangerous topic. But, I’ll give you my views of religion in general and in depth. Mostly, I guess you could say that I am more spiritual than religious.

The topic of religion came up one night at a dinner party that my husband and I hosted with a couple in our neighborhood. It was only the second time that we, as couples, had gotten together over dinner. My friend’s significant other and I became engrossed in a discussion of religion and found that our perspective views were so similar that my friend was completely blown away. Needless to say, that while new relationships should never initially endure the discussion of either religion or politics, I am still flabbergasted that a friendship failed over that one night.

So, maybe this topic is one that  you might want to avoid altogether. I’m pretty outspoken, but I am always courteous and respectful of whatever your views and beliefs may be. God bless us all!

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