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It’s all around us.

World war, civil war, battle of the sexes, political wars, sibling rivalry, and flat-out family feuds  —  which reminds me  to add “In-laws” to my pages. And that’s just to name a few possibilities.

Day by day, the media (oh yeah — that’s another kind of war) inundates us with statistics, graphic images, and stories about the War on Iraq — otherwise known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” —  which has been recently renamed to “Operation New Dawn.” No continent is exempt from war on our world. To keep the peace, we are almost constantly at war with someone for something that just isn’t morally ethical.

For a particular kind of war which I have recently waged, please see my blogs and accompanying websites called “Wage Warriors” and “Wage Warriors Forum.”  Wage theft by employers is a growing concern. Employees are being robbed of wages in the form of benefits to include: health insurance, 401(k) premiums and benefits, commissions, salaries, and benefit accrual (to include vacation, personal, and sick leave).  Wage and hour employees are being robbed of overtime pay, “donning pay,” and required break time. Some employees are even being misclassified as 1099 subcontractors or salaried employees instead of wage and hour workers. Employers are literally stealing from the IRS, State Comptroller, and the hardworking employees who don’t understand the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law. Other states have similar laws. And the federal IRS Whistleblower Law pays up to 10% of recovered wage taxes.

This form of  white collar crime is an outrage to me and many others like me. So, I started a non-profit investigative journalism organization to serve as a whistleblower forum to “out” thieving employers and to aid unassisted employees. My campaign — and others like mine — is beginning to gain nationwide acceptance. Join my cause and become a Wage Warrior yourself!

To tell me about your own experience, please get off your pity wagon and write to me at Maybe you’ll let me post your story and offer you valuable information on wage theft and share with you public law that may help you to recover your stolen wages. Our site offers valuable information and links that will put you on the right path. We’re on a war path of our own, one with a peaceful mission, so don’t be a victim without a fight!

Stay tuned as this blog takes off. But for heaven’s sake, don’t miss out on our page on Peace!

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